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I am so happy that Dr. Shaheen saved my leg and my life! Dr. Shaheen, you are the best! Thank you very much.


Jun 2018

Dr. Shaheen has performed 4 Saphenous Vein Ablations on both my legs, with only local anesthetics (that's my choice, with only very short minor discomforts during surgery). I'm very satisfied with his surgeries, their results & follow-up. I don't hesitate to recommend Dr. Shaheen; and Joseph, his Ultrasound Tech. Dr. Shaheen (& Joseph) have improved, maintained & monitored my vascular health a couple years & I look forward to their continuing care. ALL of Dr. Shaheen's staff treat me very professionally in every way. I always look forward to my next visit.

Steve W.

Jan 2018

Dr. Shaheen is smart, skilled, talented, kind, caring and very sincere. The procedures I had were done over a period of months, in the in-office surgical suite, each lasting about 45 minutes. They required that I be awake and attentive to pain as he worked on the veins in my legs, ankles and feet. The results have been excellent. I can walk without pain, and the needle entry sites have healed up very well. His new staff is so professional and the office runs smoothly. It is a big improvement over former situations I experienced there when I began my treatment. I am very grateful to Dr. Shaheen. I would recommend him to anyone seeking vascular help.

marianne k.

Oct 2017

Dr. Shaheen is one of the few surgeons on this planet that takes the time to talk to his patients, rather than treat them as part of an assembly line. He is keenly intelligent and had a solution to my problem, treated me with compassion and respect, and now my legs feel as good as new! I highly recommend Dr. Shaheen to anyone who seeks a highly skilled and caring surgeon!

Angela F.

Sep 2017

Dr. Shaheen is fantastic!

Katherine A.

Sep 2017

Dr. Shaheen is an excellent and caring surgeon. He did an emergency fasciectomy on my right leg that saved the leg when i had a stroke 6 years ago. A few years after I had an accident in my kitchen when I has 3rd degree burns on my ankle. Dr S treated me 5-6 days a week for nearly 6 weeks. He frequently came to my change bandages and oversee my progress. I completely recommend Sr. Shaheen.

Tom M.

Sep 2017

Doctor Sheehan has performed 4 vascular surgeries on my legs within the last 5 years in his office. I've also asked him to rule out other possible circulation problems, which he has done. From my initial visit I've been 100% satisfied with his diagnoses, his understandable explanations, surgeries and all my follow up visits. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing his services. The many questions I've had he has answered fully and patiently. He is a very caring, thoroughly competent physician. His staff are equally competent. His Ultrasound Technician, Joe, is also a thoroughly competent and caring professional who also answers all my questions completely so I understand. Although one HolidayDr. Sheehan once managed multiple ER patients via phone/on call during one office visit, even that day I've never been or felt rushed: my visit only lasted a few minutes longer. Dr. Sheehan is an amazing doctor I feel very lucky to have as my MD. Thanks to Dr. Sheehan's skills, I'll very likely Never be one of his ER patients. If I could give him 6 stars, I would.

Steve W.

Sep 2017

Raymond M Shaheen, MD, FACS, RPVI, RPhS is an excellent physician and surgeon. He listens to you carefully, really examines you, and verifies using an outside ultrasound professional service your current condition. Based on your symptoms, the patient interview and the live ultrasound of your limbs, Dr. Shaheen will determine the best care plan to discuss with you. You choose whether to proceed with the care plan. You will not be disappointed. Dr. Shaheen's wonderful office staff takes care of all insurance pre-authorizations with your primary insurer. The decision is yours whether to proceed with the Care Plan. If you elect to have the recommended care plan procedure, Dr. Shaheen will normally perform the care in his office for two reasons: a) improved Patient Satisfaction, b) almost immediate approval by your primary insurance provider...since you are in an 'Outpatient" procedure reducing Hospital or Surgical Center costs and alot of expense and time off arranging everything for you.

Andy M.

Apr 2016

Spends plenty of time with patients and explains everything very well.

Frank Q.

Apr 2016

Finally, a highly-skilled surgeon with great "bedside manner!" I am 78-year-old Medicare patient with deep-vain problems in my legs. Dr Shaheen examined me and proposed surgery to treat the problem. His initial surgery date conflicted with our move into a retirement center, but he changed his busy schedule and took me two weeks earlier. Prior to the surgery, he talked with me extensively about the procedure and cleared up all my questions. The 75-minutes surgery at the PAMF Mountain View Outpatient Center went smoothly (I was asleep) this afternoon, and I have no pain at all now. As a Medicare patient with AARP secondary insurance, I don't have to pay anything to PAMF or to the doctor! I am extremely happy to find a highly competent surgeon who is also a kind human being! I highly recommend him!

Les B.

May 2014

Obviously a very skilled surgeon; just ask the cath lab nurses at El Camino Hospital where he is very well thought of and they should know. But more important, unlike so many other surgeons, he takes the time to explain the procedures and all the options and why he chose what he did. Very compassionate and caring too, both to the patient and family. And a great guy, too!

No U.

Mar 2014

He is the most empathetic compassionate surgeon that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He truly has the patients best interest in mind. He actually takes the time,no matter how long it takes, to explain to patients and family members the dynamics of their problem, so they can better understand why they need or are not a good candidate for any procedure that is needed. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has a vascular problem. I have personal experience that he has save at least 4 or my patients legs when other surgeons wanted to amputate.


Jul 2012

This was the only surgeon I could find in silicon Valley who is board certified in endo-vascular surgery. I am so glad my mother was in his care. After other doctors told her they needed to amputate her leg to save it, Dr. Shaheen gave us hope. He put in a stent and her leg is good as new - no amputation necessary! He actually takes the time to explain everything in the office, great bedside manner, and most importantly, an excellent surgeon.

Alex S.

Apr 2010


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